Website Management and Maintenance

After supporting candidates for the Verona Board of Education in municipal elections in 2022, Christian Strumolo decided to throw his hat in the ring for his own run for Verona Town Council.

To get his campaign started off and running, Christian came to The Muse Marketing Group.

We began by helping him create a platform and policy statements and utilized them to populate his Nationbuilder website.

Social Media Management

Having no social media feeds of his own, Muse created accounts for Mr. Strumolo to facilitate communications with supporters and share his ideas for the future of Verona.

Graphic Design

All campaigns need branding. Using ideas and color choices from Christian, The Muse Group created a logo to be used for signs and banners to be displayed throughout town.

Public Relations

To relay Mr. Strumolo’s message to others who might not utilize social media, The Muse Marketing Group generated press releases, informational pieces on events as well as e-newsletters to keep the Verona community informed and ready for election day.


Exposure is important during any campaign.  To expand the reach of Christian’s message and ideas, digital ads were placed with local online publications and mailers were designed for residents to learn more about what Mr. Strumolo would like to do to improve the township for everyone.


To expand the reach of Christian’s message and his hopes about what he wanted to achieve, The Muse Group designed e-newsletters in order to make direct contact with the Verona community.