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Is your organization looking to raise funds to support your work and causes?  The MuseMarketing Group is experienced and successful with reaching goals to be met.

Sponsorship Programs

Having done a substantial amount of work for non-profit organizations, The Muse Marketing Group finds that there is a great need for raising funds. With that said, the Muses can help you design a sponsorship program for your organization or managed district. We can tailor the program to accommodate any number of categories, tiers and opportunities for sponsorship that your organization may require.

Grant Writing

Throughout our business tenure, The Muse Marketing Group has assisted municipal organizations in writing grant proposals that would fund the hiring of new personnel as required by a city or town. Each of these organizations went on to receive funds as a result of the proposals we helped to create. For more information on our grant writing experience, visit our portfolio.

What Can Muse Do For You?

  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Grant Writing


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