Website Management and Maintenance

When Diana Ferrera decided to run for Verona Board of Education, she came to The Muse Marketing Group to help get her campaign on the right track. As a first-time candidate, Muse started with the most important thing, her website.

After fleshing out her main platform concepts, Muse created a Nationbuilder website to help spread her message of what she felt was a priority in educating Verona’s children.


Funding is always an important part of any campaign. The Muse Marketing Group helped familiarize Diana with the best practices for garnering financial support and setup a donation page on her Nationbuilder website.

Social Media Management

Many people don’t realize how important social media can be to a campaign, no matter how big or small it might be. Ferrera embraced it and The Muse Marketing Group helped her to utilize it to its maximum benefit for her campaign by creating a variety of posts that helped personalize her message.

Graphic Design

Every campaign needs branding. Something that lets people know who communications came from. The Muse Marketing Group designed a logo for Diana’s campaign to use for consistent branding of all publicity pieces.  Muse also designed ads for the campaign.


Once the ads were created, they were used in local publications in order to reach Ferrera’s target audience.

Public Relations

Being a full-service marketing firm, The Muse Marketing Group was able to generate content to meet the needs of the moment. Muse produced press releases, videos and event information for Diana’s campaign and shared it with local media outlets to relay her message to those who may have been missed by social media.


With video clips and still images, The Muse Marketing Group created three videos for Ferrera’s campaign that highlighted each of the main points in her platform to share on social media and her website.