Broadway Improvement Corporation

Website Design & Maintenance

Prior to designing a new website for this organization, the Broadway Special Improvement District had been a long time maintenance client.  We provided their previous site with important software updates, as well as informational updates, per their request, on a monthly basis.

Their previous website did little to showcase what the Broadway Special Improvement District represented.  It was not able to link to social media, nor could any news regarding the district, or patron interest pieces be archived.  This led to the homepage being extremely large due to the amount of text present.

What the Broadway Special Improvement District wanted was a concise homepage with a freshened up look with their district colors.  We provided the district with a fresh, inviting user friendly interface.  All current local and district news is displayed in one prominent area of the home screen.  All other news is now able to be archived, categorized and searched through the new content management system.

Users are also able to view social media feeds, and are able to access them from the new website so they can easily subscribe and receive all the latest district news.

Business Directory

While we were designing the Broadway Special Improvement District’s website, they felt that they needed a more thorough representation of the businesses in the district.  They were aware that their current business directory was not up to date or complete.

A representative from The Muse Marketing Group went door to door to each business to collect all current business information from each establishment.  An information request form was created for use in this endeavor.  While on site, photos were taken of each business location/building.

Once this task was complete, all information was entered into a database and uploaded to the website directory.  All pictures were labeled with their address and added to each entry.  All businesses were set to specific categories to make them easily searchable in the directory.

Logo Library

The Broadway Improvement District came to us with a logo already in place.    What the district needed was a collection of images and separated elements resized and reformatted for use on their website, social media pages and email newsletters.

Since we had recently designed a new website for the Broadway Special Improvement District, we also updated the logo to include new website information.  The Muse Marketing Group also created other corresponding graphics for use as profile pictures and cover photos/banner art.  Once all images were approved, they were compiled and provided to the client in all required sizes and file formats.

Social Media Management

Even though the Broadway Special Improvement District had created a Facebook page in 2010, they had not used it to post any information.  It led to the account being made inactive.  Once the account was restored to active status, we quickly added a new profile graphic and cover photo.  The Muse Marketing Group quickly began to populate the page with district and local news and linking them back to Broadway’s new website.  We began following district businesses, special improvement districts, and government entities and local media in order to create a larger audience and increase the Broadway Special Improvement District’s online presence.  To date, the district’s Facebook page has more than 100 likes.

Public Relations

In order to further the Broadway Special Improvement District’s presence, we have provided them with a public relations package.  Included in this package are the following:

  • Media Relations – press releases, special events, grand openings and development spotlights
  • Content/Copy Development – website postings and announcements, social media postings and announcements
  • Special Event Promotion – full pre and post event coverage, photography, and on-site interviews
  • Community Relations – event attendance
  • Copywriting and Editing – marketing pieces, and advertisements
  • Photography – special events, grand openings, projects/developments

Each month, we choose a business or businesses to spotlight or review in the district. Pictures are also taken throughout the district that correspond to each piece. Occasionally, for Broadway, there are business anniversaries, grand openings and most recently, a traffic light dedication.  These events are covered, photographed, and submitted to local media outlets for publication.

All works produced for the district are also posted to the Broadway website,  As these pieces are uploaded to the site, they are also posted to social media and are linked back to the district website.