Website Design & Maintenance

The Journal Square Special Improvement District came to us with an outdated website interface that had not been updated since 2012. Their news page had no way to search for a specific article, nor was it capable of archiving the information on the page. Many of the links were out of date and were no longer functional.

The Muse Marketing Group provided Journal Square with a new, state of the art website. Completed in September 2015, the new site will contains a content management system, so that all area information can be categorized, archived and searched. The website is also be linked to the Journal Square Special Improvement District’s new Facebook page and Twitter feed, thus expanding the reach and presence of the district.

Logo Library

Journal Square had a dark colored logo that did not “pop” on the computer screen. Instead, it melded into the colors used for the background of the old website.  The one thing that was asked of us by the Journal Square Special Improvement District was that we keep the square element as part of the new logo.  Using the districts colors in a way that would provide the best level of contrast, we provided the district with a clean, fresh logo that is sure to get people’s attention.  In addition to the main logo, corresponding graphics for the Journal Square Green Market and new blog type web space, Circle in the Square, were also created, keeping with the theme of main logo.

Once the logo, graphics and separate elements were completed, they were formatted and resized for use on the website, in email newsletters and social media outlets.

Social Media Management

The Journal Square Special Improvement District came to us with no social media presence at all.  A new Facebook Page was created for them, as was a Twitter feed.  Once both were created, profile pictures and cover photos/banner art were added to both.

Current district information was added to the about sections of each account and population of the Facebook timeline and Twitter feed were initiated.  The Muse Marketing Group also began following local media outlets, businesses, special improvement districts and government entities in order to establish presence and build the district’s audience.