Website Design & Maintenance

Hoffman Floor & Home came to us with a website that was cluttered with unnecessary information and features that it did not need.  Each new topic constituted its own page.  There were multiple menus for navigating the site.  There were several different forms located throughout the site that each had a different purpose (request, contact, testimonial, reviews, etc.).

The Muse Marketing Group began the redesign of their website by mapping out what information pertained to each page on the new website.  We streamlined all information relevant to a page and created an organized layout to feature it.

The Product catalog consisted of items that Hoffman Floor and Home provided, and each category consisted of information regarding the manufacturers carried.

To facilitate communication between the public and Hoffman Floor and Home, we created one contact form that could be utilized for multiple purposes.

The result of The Muse Marketing Group’s work was a clean, streamlined, user-friendly website that provided consumers with the information they needed.

Social Media Management

Floor & Home came to us with existing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.  We immediately integrated them into the new website design.

The owners wish was to continue to build their audience and be able to post on a more frequent and regular schedule.

The Muse Marketing Group provided a variety of post types including store ads, product showcases, videos, and Floor & Home’s completed work.

Email Marketing

Floor and Home wanted to receive feedback from previous customers about their experience with new flooring installations.

The Muse Marketing Group designed a branded template to be used for this purpose and created content to be used within it.

Now that the template has been created, Floor & Home can use it for a multitude of purposes.