Varsity Club Products - Mobile Website - iPad - 2019

Website Design & Maintenance

Varsity Club Products came to The Muse Marketing Group for their very first website.  This website was meant to hold a small number of products that customers could order online for convenience.

After a few years and a large number of additional products, Varsity Club Products was in need of a new e-commerce website.  They needed a site that could accommodate product expansion on a greater scale and easily accept the number of orders they receive annually.

The new site is more streamlined and user friendly. Allowing visitors to find all the information they need on the home page and not just the site’s menu bar.  This allows for greater ease in finding necessary items.  This translated well in terms of mobile capabilities and responsiveness, as well.

To maintain the functionality of the site and e-commerce portals, The Muse Marketing Group continues to perform scheduled updates for programming on a regular basis.

Content Management

For Varsity’s first website, The Muse Marketing Group developed content for all areas of the website.  Taking the content from the site’s previous incarnation, we updated the content as needed, as well as applied consistency to product descriptions.

In addition to content, management of inventory of items was also paramount.  Varsity is now able to more easily regulate the items they keep in stock based on the orders they receive.


For the placement of orders and calculating of totals, a WooCommerce plugin was applied to facilitate visitor shopping experiences.  WooCommerce is used for millions of online stores worldwide.

In order to process payments, stripe is utilized.  It allows for easy payments online and in mobile apps.  It is secure and easy to use, which is important to all patrons of Varsity Club Products.