Website Design and Maintenance

Ironbound Ambulance Squad came to us many years ago.  When they did, they had no web presence.  They needed a website that could convey important information to the community, accept applications, and allow team members to login and check their schedules.

The Muse Marketing Group created a website with a simplistic layout, that contains all important information and links on the Home Page, making it extremely easy to navigate.  The site also links to social media, which allows IAS to reach a wider range of people in their community.

With any website, regular maintenance is required.  The Muse Marketing Group conducts updates to maintain website programming and plugins to keep the site operational.

Social Media Management

When Muse began working with IAS, they had already created a Facebook page.  To expand the level of people that can be reached, we created Instagram and Twitter profiles for them as well.  To enhance the scope of people reached for their fundraising events, The Muse Marketing Group created updates that were posted to the website and to all social profiles.

Public Relations

From 2011 to 2016, and from 2019 to present, The Muse Marketing Group has acted as Ironbound Ambulance Squad’s press secretary.  We have created a number of press releases, that have been submitted to and published by local media outlets.


In the past, we have organized several fundraising events for IAS.  We have planned and coordinated golf outings on their behalf, as well as assisted them in conducting their current fundraiser to raise revenue for a new ambulance.