Event Branding

Mt. Prospect Partnership initially requested our assistance in updating a flyer and other imaging for their seasonal Cruise Night events.  Pleased with the results, they decided that they wanted to brand all of their events to make them more recognizable to the public.

The Muse Marketing Group quickly got to work with imaging and promotional content for each event.  Mt Prospect Partnership was excited about the end product!

Outdoor Print Design

As a way to let the community know who they were, and who plans the events in the community, Mt. Prospect Partnership requested outdoor pole banners for their district.   The Muse Marketing Group designed two pole banners for their organization.  The first was a general Mt. Prospect banner and the other was a branded event banner for their annual car show.

Public Relations

To publicize Mt. Prospect Partnership’s events, The Muse Marketing Group created event descriptions and press releases to be used for multiple news and event websites.  Once completed and approved, the events were added to many NJ event websites, car show event websites, and local and state news websites.


To reach a wider audience for their Cruise Night event, Mt. Prospect Partnership, requested a magazine ad that could be submitted to local area publications.

Muse Marketing kept the branding consistent to confirm that it would be instantly recognizable to readers.