Website Design & Maintenance

Just Decks was an established company with a large customer base, but a dull website that did little to convey the impressive quality of their work. Just Decks needed a fresh new look, so current and potential clients alike could get an immediate sense of the Just Decks experience.

The Muse Marketing Group constructed a simple, visual tour of what Just Decks is all about. The site provides details about materials used, the company’s construction process, and is rich in images of the projects they’ve completed for their clients.

Visitors to the site are immediately given a taste of what their new outdoor living space could be like, as well as an invitation to contact the company for more information. The site presents to the Just Decks audience how hardworking the company is and how willing and able they are to listen, understand, and satisfy.

During the course of the building season, the website required several updates. Website programming were kept up to date to maintain the functionality of the site. As new projects were completed, pictures were added to the website’s photo gallery.

Social Media

Just Decks required frequent postings to social media. The Muse Marketing Group provided support by confirming that posts were not added to the newsfeed more than once, copy editing services were also employed to confirm that posts were concise and complete.

Since Just Decks uploaded a large number of photos, each picture was given a description which included location, materials used, and added features.

Public Relations

A good number of potential clients for each building season need to be reached and not just by word of mouth. Public relations work was also required to provide additional platforms for Just Decks to get the word out about their company. As such, The Muse Marketing Group provided Just Decks with the following services:

  • Media Relations – advertisements, press releases, marketing pieces, promotions
  • Copy Writing and Editing – marketing pieces, advertisements
  • Content/Copy Development – website postings, promotions, and announcements, media postings, promotions, and announcements

Email Marketing

In order to allow current and potential patrons know about what goes into their building process, Just Decks requested an interactive graphic that visitors to the website could view.

All visitors to the site need to do is move the cursor over each informational point to learn what each part of the deck is and what materials will be used for each.