Website Design & Maintenance

The Township of Verona came to us with an existing website that contained just about any information and links any resident could possibly need.  However, they had so much information available, that it needed to be organized in a concise way.  The township also had concerns regarding the security of their website and wanted it kept as safe as possible.

The Muse Marketing Group provided Verona not only with a custom designed, streamlined website, we also provided them with website security measures used by the White House.

Now, the Township of Verona has a website that is easy for residents and other users to navigate.  The streamlined design allows for information to be found quickly and it is very well protected.

DPW Refuse/Recycling Mailer

After completing the website design project for the Township of Verona, we also completed print design for the Verona Department of Public Works.  They required a mailer that included information on all forms of waste disposal and their scheduled pickups, drop-off areas, and appropriate procedures for residents to follow.

This mailer was four pages, and contained a two page removable insert that contained the refuse and recycling pickup schedule for the entire year.  The completed design was also able to be easily modified to alter text for new schedules each year.