Website Design & Maintenance

New Jersey Managed Districts Association came to us with a muddled logo that was difficult to read, nor did their website contain a clear purpose of what the organization was founded upon. The website was flat and did little to keep visitor attention.

It was decided that the organization required a new logo in addition to a new website. Both the logo and the website needed to clearly reflect and define who NJMDA was as an organization.

Once the logo was completed, accent colors matching the new logo were added to the website to make it more dimensional. The design of the site was also streamlined to provide clear areas for partner information, current events/news for managed districts and newsletter subscription.

As with any website, there are programs and plugins that keep the site functional. If they are not updated regularly, features on the site can malfunction or cease to work. In addition to general website upkeep, The Muse Marketing Group posted content updates for New Jersey Managed Districts Association on a regular basis to both the website and social media.

Logo Design

When the New Jersey Managed Districts Association sought our assistance in providing a new design for their website, it was also decided that a new, clear logo was needed as well. The design they came to us with was muddled and difficult to read.

The Muse Marketing Group provided NJMDA with a logo that was clear, concise and explained who they were as an organization. Bright, contrasting colors were used to make the image clean and sharp.

Email Marketing

Among the many design elements completed for the New Jersey Managed Districts Association was e-newsletter templates that could be used to keep subscribers to the mailing list informed. Color schemes and imagery were matched with the new website and logo to keep the branding of the organization consistent and recognizable.

In addition to managing the content of each newsletter, The Muse Marketing Group was also tasked with maintaining updated information for each of NJMDA’s mailing lists, which was of the utmost importance as some newsletter subscribers were elected officials.

Social Media

In order to help New Jersey Managed Districts Association reach a broader audience, social media maintenance was also a required service. For every post that was added to the website, a post was also created for social media feeds and linked back to NJMDA’s new website.

Graphic Design

Every year, NJMDA took part in the New Jersey League of Municipalities conference in Atlantic City. Each year, New Jersey Managed Districts Association was responsible for holding the conference’s welcome reception and hosting a league session.

In order to notify participating municipalities of the event and subsequent league session dates and times, The Muse Marketing Group created an informational graphic/invitation and posted it to New Jersey Managed Districts Association’s website, social media feeds, and issued an e-newsletter mailing.

Event Planning

Annually, NJMDA took part in the New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference. Each year, they were charged with hosting the Welcome Reception for all attendees. To plan this event, New Jersey Managed Districts Association entrusted The Muse Marketing Group to ensure the event’s success.

The Muse Marketing Group took part in booking the venue, designing and distributing the invite to attendees, provided menu consultation services for the cocktail hour style event, marketing the event, and providing opportunities for New Jersey Managed Districts Association to secure sponsorships for the coming year.

Administrative Duties

Throughout our relationship with New Jersey Managed Districts Association, we have provided just about every service we offer. As someone who believed in the benefit of the organization, The Muse Marketing Group’s President, Angela Anemoyanis, was appointed as the Executive Director of NJMDA.

As executive director, Angela oversaw and conducted board meetings, managed the organization’s membership database, organized the league sessions and served as a panel speaker for the New Jersey League of Municipalities conference, as well as planned and organized the annual Welcome Reception.

Angela also oversaw the rebranding of the website and logo, and oversaw the design and implementation of a tiered sponsorship program to raise funds for the New Jersey Managed Districts Association.


In order to maintain the non-profit organization and continue to provide services and information to New Jersey managed districts, NJMDA required a budget that would allow them to do so. They needed a program that would allow them to raise the funds they required annually. A tiered sponsorship program was decided upon and was designed and implemented according to New Jersey Managed Districts Association specifications. The results of the program far exceeded the expectations.