United Civil Servants

Web Design and Management

United Civil Servants is a client we provide almost all of our most popular service options to. The organization needed The Muse Marketing Group to build their online presence and manage it regularly to keep their sizable membership up to date on news, activities and events.

To facilitate the first step in creating an online presence, The Muse Marketing Group designed a website where members could catch up on the latest news, information, and upcoming events. An area for e-newsletter sign up was also designated.

The site contains areas for the latest news, information on upcoming events, contact information and a member login area.

Since the inception of the new website, The Muse Marketing Group has also maintained its upkeep. All website programming is kept up to date. All news and information is scheduled for posting as per the United Civil Servants’ requests.

Logo Design

In order to begin any future work with United Civil Servants, they were in need of a logo that was representative of who they were as an organization first.

The Muse Marketing Group designed a simple logo with clear identification and an image that was representative of the heart of the organization.

United Civil Servants

Email Marketing

To keep their membership informed, one of the chosen modalities for communicating with their membership was the e-newsletter. The Muse Marketing Group created a branded template that was concise and linked to the United Civil Servants website for further information.

Content Management

For each event or news piece, United Civil Servants needed a brief write up to accompany the details they were providing. The Muse Marketing Group developed content to upload with each posting. All postings were uploaded to the website, social media feeds and presented in e-newsletters.

Social Media Management

The other modality chosen by United Civil Servants to reach out to their membership was social media. As posts are scheduled and uploaded to the website, they are also posted to social media feeds and linked back to the website. Social media helps to keep the United Civil Servants more visible to their membership and provides continuity between methods of communication.

Graphic and Print Design

Over the course of our relationship with United Civil Servants, The Muse Marketing Group has designed graphics for a number of uses. These images have been used both digitally and in print. We have provided United Civil servants with event flyers, event tickets, event banners, and even stage backdrops.

Event Planning

Each year, the United Civil Servants hold several events. For each event, The Muse Marketing Group helps the organization by booking venues, providing menu consulting, creating event itineraries and marketing the events.


The United Civil Servants annual events are all used to benefit a particular charitable cause. As such, The Muse Marketing Group assists the organization in raising funds for each event. The most common causes that United Civil Servants raises money for are scholarships and for fellow civil servants and their families who are in need.