Adopt! Don’t Shop!

By April 29, 2022Muse News

This Saturday is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Meant to raise awareness about eligible pets looking for homes, its goal is to help thousands of pets find their forever homes.

Although much of the focus is on cats and dogs of all ages, they aren’t the only pets looking to be adopted.  There are birds, small animals (like hamsters), rabbits, and reptiles looking for their perfect human as well.

Now, if you plan to take part and adopt a shelter pet, we absolutely urge you to do research on the type of animal you plan to adopt.  It’s also important to know what items you will need for your new pet, so make sure you have a checklist. Being prepared and knowledgeable can help make the transition to a new home a lot easier for your new pet.

We, the members of the Muse Marketing Group know what we’re talking about.  Not only have we organized donation drives for a local shelter, we also have experience with rescuing, fostering, and rehoming pets who need help. And as if that wasn’t enough, all of our own pets are rescues too!

Nick’s dog, Cody, was scheduled to be euthanized because no one wanted such a large dog. He got his other dog Rocky from an owner who was allergic and could no longer keep him.  Angela fostered her cat, Gavone, who was saved from being buried alive. Mo’s gecko, Rorschach, was adopted through a locally owned pet store who took in animals who could no longer be cared for or were unwanted classroom pets.

So, remember, this Saturday there are plenty of loving pets waiting to meet their humans. Adopt! Don’t Shop!

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