Freestyle Fundraiser A Rousing Success for IAS

By October 18, 2022Muse News

Friday the 14th was all about freestyle for the Ironbound Ambulance Squad.  Their fundraiser, held at the Portuguese Instructive Social Club in Elizabeth and headlined by freestyle legend, Coro, was attended by over 300 people who were eager to show their support for IAS.

The money raised will be used to help relaunch Ironbound Ambulance’s volunteer program. Their immediate objectives are to recruit new volunteers, secure scholarships to educate and train EMT personnel, utilize funds to support the Squad’s daily operations and provide additional ambulances to reduce emergency response times.

Executive Board Member, Angela Anemoyanis stated, “The Ironbound Ambulance Squad has been a historic staple within the Newark community for seven decades. Not only serving the citizens of the city by saving lives, it has also served as a safe haven and educational center for our youth.  It has been a pleasure to serve with them prior, and I look forward to collaborating with them in the future; not only to provide a service for the citizens of the city, but also to support the first responders who sacrifice their lives and safety daily.”