Website Management and Maintenance

Websites have become important in just about every level of our society. Many people’s first response to what interests them is to look them up. For that reason, websites have become gateways to information, even when it comes to elections.

The first thing The Muse Marketing Group did for Aaron Spiegeland was to generate a website for him that broke down his platform in his bid for a seat on the Verona Board of Education using Nationbuilder.

With clean design and concise content, the first window into Spiegeland’s principles was created.


E-Newsletters offer a way to make direct contact with supporters.

The Muse Marketing Group designed newsletters that helped Aaron express what he hoped to achieve as a member of the Verona Board of Education.


As a first-time candidate, Spiegeland needed help navigating securing financial support from patrons, which The Muse Marketing Group was happy to assist.

A donation page was also created for his Nationbuilder site so that he could direct donors with ease.

Social Media Management

Social media has become increasingly important to reaching a larger audience. With that in mind, we created accounts for outlets chosen by Aaron and populated them with photos, letters, endorsements, videos and event information throughout the course of the campaign.

Graphic Design

Consistent branding is a keystone to good communications. To facilitate that, The Muse Marketing Group designed a campaign logo for use with all information sent by the campaign.


When running a campaign, you want to have as broad a reach as possible. After Muse created the the ads for Aaron’s campaign, they were placed with local publications to cast a wider net for his audience.

Public Relations

As an agency with a variety of ways to publicize their clients, it is critical that we use every avenue at our disposal.

For Speigeland’s campaign, The Muse Marketing Group generated press releases, videos, newsletters, videos, and event information and shared it with local media outlets, in addition to social media and email communications.


The Muse Marketing Group created a video for the campaign using video clips and still images provided by the client to be shared via social media and website.