Web Design and Management

Since being elected Mayor of Montclair, Sean Spiller realized he needed an updated website that could provide his constituents with as much information as possible. He also needed features that streamlined all township related information and enabled him to communicate easily with the residents of Montclair.

With his previous site on a WordPress CMS platform, Mayor Spiller chose a new theme that was geared toward local government and information sharing. Modified to include a bright color scheme and a information based layout, the website exemplifies how Sean Spiller is someone who is both eager and able to do the work of the people.  Simple navigation makes the site user friendly, so that the site’s many visitors can follow the frequent updates posted, including newsletters and COVID briefings. The site allows the public to remain informed and get a close look at their elected representative.

Keeping the public informed is an important task. As such, The Muse Marketing Group designed the website so that each subpage has visibility on the homepage.  Muse Marketing also maintains the programming that keeps the website functional, as well as post information to the website for the public to view and cite any concerns or questions they may have.

Social Media

Throughout our time with Mayor Spiller, we have always managed some aspect of his social media presence.  In the past, we have generated posts for his Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Currently The Muse Marketing Group uploads videos and maintains his YouTube channel.

Content Management

Even though Sean Spiller prefers to provide us with content he has written to keep things more personal, he is not always able to do so. As such, Sean will provide The Muse Marketing Group with the information needed to convey the message and information intended. This content is generally used for newsletters and social media postings.

Email Marketing

As another added modality to keep constituents informed, visitors to the website are also able to sign up for e-newsletters. Each newsletter is created with a template designed by The Muse Marketing Group.

With coordinated branding, the e-newsletters provide residents with information about the goings on throughout Montclair.

These e-newsletters became especially important during the pandemic when everyone was on lockdown and safety information was critical. The COVID-19 Briefings provided readers with information about cases in the area, information about the virus and its symptoms, and information on what to do if you were sick.

They also provided information on legislation that was passed as a result of the pandemic, like the CARES act, as well as township initiatives to help those who lost their jobs to find new work and emergency childcare if needed.

Print Design

Even though some clients want to keep things as technological as possible, there are still times where print work is needed. Throughout our time providing services to Sean Spiller, The Muse Marketing Group has designed business cards and event invites. Clean, colorful designs were provided for the business cards as well as the invites.

The colors for event invites held close to the theme colors for the events, which The Muse Marketing Group also planned.

Graphic Design

Over the course of our relationship with Sean Spiller, we have provided several items that were based in graphic design. The Muse Marketing Group has designed advertisements for sponsored events, event invites in both print and digital formats, as well as a “walking booklet” containing information about recent improvements to township infrastructure and services.

Event Planning & Catering

Since his election in 2012, The Muse Marketing Group has planned annual fundraising events for Sean Spiller. We have scouted and chosen locations, used décor to set the ambience for the evening, as well as plan menus and set appropriate presentation for all event elements.