Best Guest Media

Website Design & Maintenance

Best Guest Media came to us with a website that did little to convey the full scope of their services they offered. It was flat and did not draw visitors to inquire for more information.

The Muse Marketing Group designed a site that immediately conveyed the message of the services offered by Best Guest Media. All important information regarding the company was placed on the homepage in a concise and convenient way, linking to pages where visitors could read and request more information.

As is the case with many of our clients, once we have completed the design of the website, we also maintained the website through regularly scheduled updates to help keep the website at optimal levels of performance.

HTML Email Design

As media placement professionals, Best Guest Media garners guest appearances with all major media outlets for their clients. With the number of clients they have, Best Guest Media requested that email templates containing client information and head shots be prepared in order to submit consistent information to all media contacts.