Website Management & Maintenance

Christopher Tamburro came to use shortly after he announced his candidacy for Verona Town Council.  As his first campaign for elected office, Tamburro needed to learn all the aspects of running a good race.

To assist him, The Muse Marketing Group started out by helping him to maximize the benefits of NationBuilder.  Muse utilized it to populate events as well as generate and update content, and add media and press releases.


With Tamburro having a network of volunteers and a group of supporters, he needed a way to provide information on events and the campaign to all of them.  The Muse Marketing Group created e-newsletter templates so that important communications could be relayed to everyone easily.


As anyone can tell you, to run a successful race, you need funding.  The Muse Marketing Group organized a supporter outreach program to raise the funds needed to conduct Tamburro’s campaign.  The effort led to a substantial amount being raised in a short period of time.

Social Media Management

In order to share all media, events and videos with local voters, social media accounts are a necessity.  Muse created a Twitter account to accompany Tamuburro’s existing Facebook and Instagram feeds.  All campaign information, press releases, events, videos and articles were shared through all social media platforms and linked back to the Chris Tamburro for Verona Township Council website.

Graphic Design

As with any campaign, candidates need ads. The Muse Marketing Group helped to design ads consistent with Tamburro’s brand to ensure it was recognizable to his supporters.


Once the ads were designed, they needed to be circulated for broader reach.  Muse placed ads with local publications to reach Tamburro’s target audience.

Public Relations

As a full-service marketing firm, The Muse Marketing Group is able to generate content for an individual or organization based on their needs.  For Tamburro, Muse formulated press releases, videos, and event information and shared it with local media representatives to case a wider net and reach people that may have been missed with social media outreach.


Using video clips and still images provided by the client, The Muse Marketing Group created a campaign video for Tamburro to share on social media outlets and his website.