Website Maintenance

Coast to Coast Cleaning Systems came to us with a relatively new website that they needed maintained.

The Muse Marketing Group provided restructuring of the entire website, created and populated new pages, and included SEO keywords in the text of the site to improve internet search rankings. Also implemented were updates to website content, website software and website file backups to keep their site current, easy to navigate and functional.

Search Engine Optimization

During a review of their website, Coast to Coast lacked content on their homepage.  This brought their SEO down.  Content was generated and added to the website to improve their rating and make them easier to find with a number of search engines.

Graphic Design

Just as every client has different needs, the same is true of ad campaign imagery.  The Muse Marketing Group designed visuals that were geared toward educational and municipal clientele,  that was also shareable on social media and able to be used in e-newsletters.


Due to Coast to Coast’s definitive services, they needed a more specialized audience to reach out to. The Muse Group assisted them in compiling new contacts that would be ideal for their field that they could add to their existing list of customers.

With their contact list rounded out, The Muse Marketing Group designed multiple e-newsletter campaigns that were issued to Coast to Coast’s new mailing list.

Social Media

Maintaining social media can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t utilized it before.  With all of the different platforms available, you can be posting to multiple feeds every time you have an update, post or photo to share.

Since Coast to Coast was just starting out with social media, we chose a small number of platforms for them to employ and began helping them to build a broader audience.