Website Maintenance

For Metro Auto & Leasing, marketing is an important part of their businesses.  Being able to keep their website current is a high priority for them.  By keeping the website’s software and plugins up to date, The Muse Marketing Group keeps the Metro website at peak functionality.

Graphic Design

Creating the right ad has multiple steps.  The most important of those steps is to create consistent imaging that makes those ads easily distinguishable to a specific audience. The Muse Marketing Group created visual ads with just the right level of sophistication that included recognizable branding.


In order to keep in touch with their clients, Metro Auto and Leasing needed a way to present them with important information in a seamless and efficient manner.

The Muse Marketing Group created a mailing list and branded newsletter templates to easily facilitate communication with their audience.

Social Media Management

To build and maintain an audience, Metro Auto and Leasing needed to populate their social media feeds with pertinent postings.  The Muse Marketing Group utilized their graphic design work to entice new audience members to follow them on social media.

Google Analytics

In order to be able to tailor their media and communications to their audience, Metro Auto and Leasing needed a way to track visitor data to their website.

The Muse Marketing Group facilitated this through Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, Metro can determine what factors are driving traffic to their site and calls to their business. They can determine the number of visitors old and new that are coming to their site, as well as important demographic information.